And I'm finally satisfied enough with my CSS wrangling to actually start posting! Wow, exciting times. This is good, because I have a thought dump about post-2016-election America that's burning a hole in my hard drive. I'll post it after some final edits.

Other than that, I also have plans for making a "crypto map." As I've been going through classes on cryptography I've been frustrated that there isn't really a good resource that is a good summary reference sheet of crypto primitives. I'm planning on making this map as part of a process of studying anyway, so once it's done, I'll publish it here for more thoughts.

I'll probably also ramble here about D&D, on occasion.

I hate first posts, I never know what to write in them. So I'm just not going to say anything else, and start posting thought dumps whenever I feel like it. It is, after all, my blog.